loneliness in leadership

Been thinking through some stuff as I was challenged by a quote that I posted here and then read through a post by Adam that furthered my thoughts.

Much of our thinking tends to centre on the leader and their style of leadership or even the things they need to do in order to combat loneliness.  However, what if we were to think at the issue from a different angle? – the way we treat those in leadership.  What if we honoured them, rather than knock them?  What if we gave them space, rather than demand time?  What if we trusted their decisions, even if they looked crazy?  What if we loved them, instead of loathing them?

Plenty of ‘what if’ questions – there still needs to be a sense of accountability or we would end up with many more dictators.  But I do wonder why followers put all the expectation on the leader, why the leader accepts all that baggage and if there is a different path that we could tread?  Can it be different?  I think it can!

One thought on “loneliness in leadership

  1. Amen. I think it takes criers like me to remind the church… expect less of these men/womens time. Ultimately, I want my church leaders to have the space and freedom to take care of their souls and have room for genuine friendship. I consider myself a bit of a shepherd for my church staff… not the cute cuddly shepherd… the one with the stick.

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