Been doing a little more work on the old fundraising stuff.  20 years of paperwork is a great trail and exciting to see how well some of the projects have used the money, even years later.

There are plenty of trust fund and grant applications – but one thing that I have known all along, although do not always remember, is that the vast majority of successful ones have come because of relationship with people.  Even the statutory sector finances were secured through relationships with a member of the governing body. What was more staggering was that 100% of all follow on monies came through relationship.  Now that is an impressive statistic.

Tomorrow sees me having to attend another meeting to talk about fundraising by way of trust funds and various grant funding bodies.  99% or more of it will be tiresome and frustrating – however, once again it is the relationship that matters and so it will be time to grin and bear it so that the projects that matter may benefit.