no more consultants

Enjoyed reading this little book.  It may be obvious why I chose to read it by the title but the truth is – the title is mis-leading.  The subtitle is a more accurate reflection of the book as it underlines the truth that, ‘we know more than we think’.

Much of the book reflects on a consultation that the writers did with BP and others and uses a system they developed – it is a useful tool but personally found that the value of the book lay in some old nuggets of gold that were brought back to the attention.  The essence is that, people with whom you work have knowledge that can be shared – use it before you get the consultants in.

Some quotes to give a flavour;

Say to yourself, ‘someone out there has already done what I am about to do.  I wonder who, and what community, I should ask’

All too often we look to problem solve rather than look for a strength to build on and report.

The politics in some organisations can generate a culture in which people are reluctant to offer up good practices because they are afraid of the personal cost

People spend pennies in mining their own internal knowledge and expertise compared to the multi-millions spent on going outside first.

A handy little tome but not one that everyone will find useful – it just may be that you have the answers yourself, or in your team.