preventing volunteer fallout

walking awayOne issue that raises its head again and again is retention of volunteers. I am sure we can all come out with stories of the good, bad and ugly but there are some things that are useful to remember – all said before but always worth repeating;

1) Communicate expectations well – no hidden agendas or additions to the list

2) Give plenty of notice to any changes/alterations

3) Treat them well – if you are not sure how, think of how you would like to be treated and do the same

4) Honour their commitment – thanks, praise and understanding goes a long way

5) Support them – in words and actions

6) Remember that sometimes it is right for them to leave – we all have seasons in our lives, and seasons change, treat them well and they may come back or better still be your best supporter in recruiting new volunteers

7) Be a person of integrity

There is no easy route but creating a team that people want to be a part of will help retain people. These are just a few thoughts to remind myself, hopefully it will help others too!