Does the NBA care?

as a fan of basketball and the NBA it is wonderful to reach playoffs and enjoy the post season.  This year I fell hook line and sinker for the advert from NBA League Pass Broadband International which told me that I would not miss a minute of playoff action.  How wrong this is – the best playoff series in history and there were regular blackouts to the service – made worse by their timing.  The last 8 minutes of the 4th quarter of a game 7!!  You can get to see the bits you miss if you sit through the whole game again – was told to ring and ask when the 4th quarter would be replayed.

Not only is the service appalling but the customer service sends you on a merry go round of inaction.  Live help is non existent, email help is a cut and paste repeat each time.  the “NBA cares” is a slogan that they use to demonstrate that people matter – but paying customers seem to be excluded fom the caring rota!

If you are thinking of paying out, think twice – it may not be worth it!