poverty and riches side by side

limehouse basin panorama

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one of the things that amazes me about London is the contrast between different sides of the street in some areas. You can have an extremely poor Bangladeshi community alongside an apartment complex of big city bankers. How these communities relate – or don’t relate – intrigues me. Here they are side by side yet their lives are so radically different.
Do those who are materially poor look on with jealousy at those who are not? Do those who have the material wealth despise the poor? The answer is probably yes to both questions, yet once in a while there are bright sparks of hope when you see them share community together and to me, that is a picture of paradise.

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  1. nice pic mr hutch. Reminds me of when I lived down the road in Newham on the other side of the road to the then newly opened Excel building. You owe me a coffee!!!

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