not been followed?

lonelyOne issue that raised its head with a young person recently, and if I am truthful for myself, is the reason for people ignoring/not following you on social network sites.  If they are ignored in a school/college setting there seems to be a better coping strategy as the individual is in the same “space” and so there is a contact (loosely speaking) of sorts and an ability to read signs from body language and activity.  This is very different in the electronic media as there is not always a redeeming feature to give clues for why someone fails to respond or ignore you.

There are no rules to demand that friend requests are accepted but there are times when the lack of response may be surprising.  The lack of response may sometimes lead to self doubt and the reasons begin to escalate in one’s mind as to the reasons behind the lack of reciprocation.  The truth is usually something quite small and often is an insignificant reason – sometimes sheer forgetfulness – yet for some it can be painful.  My question is, why do we care so much?  Why do some feel the pain of this?

In working with young people, do others find it an issue that they have needed to address?  How have you supported them?

update: *just heard reference to this type of thing on youthwork – the podcast 8″