What do church employers look for in their prospective youthworker recruits?  With the rise of more professional training there appears to be a greater  mention of “JNC  payscales” in adverts or  even references to “professional  qualifications”  etc., but  I do wonder if  this is to satisfy or placate people, or because there is a genuine requirement.  A JNC qualification does not guarantee that an applicant is suitable for the role but when when asking a couple of people about their adverts there was a distinct lack of knowledge around what the qualifications and payscales where referring to.  So much so, I wondered how much the advert reflected the role.

Don’t get me wrong, there has been significant progress in the UK as churches get to grips with good employment practice but I would much rather people were honest about the adverts rather than playing a game.  If you want qualifications, then at least research which ones are required and why.  If you want experience then at least know what that experience should have involved and how it is evidenced.

Rant over and I will disappear behind the rock from which I crawled.