bullying, humiliation or fun?

johnThere has been a lot of press on the latest rounds of Strictly and X-Factor.  One thing that has been surprising me is the attitude of the judges.  The judges on both shows have expressed a very strong desire to get certain contestants booted out of the show.  The current seasons of both shows have seen strong condemnation, by the judges, to particular acts.  The attitudes, words and attitude with which they are conveyed have been quoted in a variety of ways from bullying, to humiation to fun.

If young people or children were to engage in this sort of public denunciation they would be taken to task for bullying people, it would not be considered acceptable behaviour, yet here we are in prime time viewing on British TV seeing adults behave in a way that is quite shocking.  What is worse, both competitors are abiding within the rules of the relevant shows, providing entertainment (which is what saturday evening TV is about!) and putting copious amounts of effort into their performances.  They are being targeted because the judges opinion is considered “paramount” in all things.

I wonder what mixed messages our younger generations are taking on board as they see the now ritualistic bullying and humiliation of some of the celebrities (lossely used term!) on our TV screens.

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  1. Ro says:

    totally agree – if this was young people they would be being slated.
    there was an intewresting article in the Guardian this weekend, (http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/nov/15/reality-tv-ofcom) which speaks about the public taking on the the judges.

    what, indeed, gives judges permission to resort to bully tactics? seems they think too highly of themselves and act like spoilt little children by using insults and bullying when they can’t get theior own way – thankfully, as all good youth workers know, there are very few children or young people like that around!

  2. But isn’t it the case that most people find the “banter” from and between the judges entertaining. That is why they enjoy the show – because they agree or disagree with the judges.

    I think that it is a huge stretch to call it bullying – the contestants knew what to expect before they volunteered and they are free to leave at any time.

    I think that any kid that has been the victim of bullying will find it very easy to differentiate. You might like to read this:


  3. thehutch says:

    Rob thanks for the comment, like the article.

    MM – thanks for the comment, that is one harrowing story. Sort of puts the shows into perspective.
    However, think that many of the judges have gone beyond banter, especially in Strictly. My fave part is usually judges comments but this year have struggled to accept some of them….worse still is the contradiction between what is being told/taught/enforced with those under 18 is being totally disregarded by the media and held up as acceptable practice……the same media who condemn our youngsters so regularly.

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