people in debt

just over 10 years ago when applying for a raft of youthworker roles, in the Eastern seacoast of America, one of the questions that stood out to me in the rather large application was a request for a detailed summary of my personal finances and a particular highlight on any debts.  More recently I have become aware of a number of people that have struggled silently with a personal debt load.  I am fortunate as with a good dose of God’s grace and some good planning I have never been in debt.  Times are sometimes tough and often frustrating but there has, so far at least, been no extra burden to carry.  In supporting others, there have not been too many stories of christian people who have struggled through the debt mountain and come out the other end that I have been able to use for reflection. However, Tim Schmoyer and his wife, Dana, have written with their journey and have succeeded in becoming debt free.  well done to them and a thanks for sharing their story so openly.