Month down

A month in the new role tomorrow. It has been a good month and most enjoyable. It feels as if I have been there much longer and despite the knowledge of it being a short term contract we have achieved a remarkable amount.
With having some uncertainty over my times of work etc. I have held off volunteering in some youthwork projects and been a little slower on a youth mentoring project that is on a “to be done” list. Hopefully the next few weeks will bring a little more clarity.

2 thoughts on “Month down

  1. Glad to hear things are going well. The job sounds great and completely up your street. Any chance fo a coffee with me and Lewis some time? Feeling a bit bad that the last time we met I just talked about myself… The last few weeks have been great – managing to work part-time hours and get most things done. We have found out we are having a little girl, btw.

  2. glad things are going well…….and am sure D.. will be pleased with the news of the sister!! would be great to meet up again and do coffee…..we should get an email going….and stop feeling bad, it was a good conversation and helpful for us all!!!

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