leaving…….almost closing time

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well there is one week to go before my final curtain at the office. Yesterday was the leaving lunch, a chinese meal……was a good one too!!!, the office is now empty of all my things and whilst I am finished with workload the rest of the team are in full swing for a new term. All sorts of emotions as you watch people try and move things forward, all the while knowing that I am not a part of it anymore. Not sure if I am handling it all well or not but trusting instincts and flying by the seat of my pants.
My role has been finished and most of my workload has been picked up by other staff and volunteers. The interesting, and for me the hardest thing, is watching how people manage and direct the things that were my former responsibility. As I watch it is possible to see how much of our own personality and style we bring to our roles. That can be a most exciting thing as people bring a new freshness and vitality to all that is around. This fresh impetus allows for new growth and sees younger people take a lead where before they had sat back and allowed an older generation to lead. The hard part has been seeing people make decisions that will have consequences for others but, unfortunately, they have not always had the time to build strong relationships to ensure the plans are carried through without some negative response.
All in all, I look back and see a job well done. When I find a new job/role/career my emotions will settle again and will reflect again. The time for change is right…..and yes….the last 2 years have seen me do my bit with all the faithfulness I could bring it, and I look forward to the continuing processes of the kingdom of God.