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One of the things that has me addicted is Moleskines. Love the things. They are just notebooks and diaries but there is something strangely wonderful about them. I am rarely without one and they have almost become a “comfort blanket” for me.
Thought it was highly strange but have recently met a few people who share the addiction. It will not be long before we need to form Moleskines anonymous to help us resolve this inner conflict. I have started the road to recovery……I have stood up in the circle and declared it “I am a Moleskine addict”. I now sit down with my hands on head and shiver….the first hurdle is overcome, now it is the recovery track. 😉

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  1. I love my moleskines too–have no idea if they’re equal to or better in quality than the version Hemingway et all scribbled up but I like mine enough to be intimidated by them. They ain’t cheap so I can’t just use them for notes and silliness, I must find a project that’s WORTHY of them.

    Aye, there’s the rub…

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