so many emotions

This morning I am sitting at my desk and am blazing with anger. Not for myself, I hasten to add, but on behalf of a young lad that saw the wrong end of a “joke” that was badly thought through.

Whilst stood at the bus stop, I was watching a young lad (aged 10), from my son’s school, riding his bike on the way to school. He has just started making his own way and this was the first time that I had seen him without his mother following in the distance. He stopped very carefully to cross a busy main road when an egg hurtled into his face from a passing car. There was a cheer from the car as it sped off whilst the young lad screamed in pain his face covered in the broken egg and some small blood stains. The poor lad was in shock and as I tried to help him and was scared as he could not see me through the mess and the tears. Another parent came to help – she had heard the cheer from the car – and took the poor lad up to school.

We have all done silly things in our time – and I am the worst – but we sometimes it is easy to forget the pain, hurt and potential damage that these things can do. It is my desire that this young lad will bounce back and once again make his own way to school, it is my desire that his mum will let him, it is my desire that the lads who were responsible may make amends.

Meanwhile, my anger is subsiding……

update:  the lad has been to the hospital and has bruising.  he will be ok.  The incident has been reported to the police so they are now engaged with it.

One thought on “so many emotions

  1. Sometimes I think that anger is the most appropriate response and this is definitely such a situation! It’s horrible to see how we treat each other sometimes. I guess particularly as youthworkers we know how incidents like that can stay with someone for many years afterwards. Great that you were a kind, caring presence there.

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