the end is nigh

So the end of the world has been predicted by some as the CERN has its latest experiment on the 10th September.  It is an experiment that hopes to find out more on Big Bang Theory and see if they can further investigate the beginnings of the world.

It is a novel experiment that intrigues me as I have visited the place where the experiment is happening and have spent some time in an apartment that sits above the huge circular testing chamber.  Unlike the doomsayers, I have no fear that we will be swallowed up in a new black hole (but wouldn’t the journey be fun!) but it does interest me to hear about what is learned through the process.  This scientific laboratory has done much to enable the technological age to develop – they helped with email and internet formation – and so I am sure more will be gleaned from their latest offering.  I do hope to post again…..but the end of the world is nigh! LOL

One thought on “the end is nigh

  1. I was talking to a friend of mine who is a physician and i asked him about this and he said basically all they were doing is turning it on. It’s over the next few months they will really be doing stuff with it, and his passing comment was ‘don’t worry about making plans for Christmas’, he was joking……..I think!

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