messy moments

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do you ever have seasons where lots of things go wrong at once? It feels like this has been the case for me the last few weeks…..quite a time:
1) my bike has developed a fault on the pedal crank requiring me to use a spanner every mile of use.
2) the garage door mechanism at home has failed requiring a new garage door – it will have to wait!
3) Our oven exploded last week – seriously, a large flash of light and a big bang – thankfully we still have a hob to cook from, although we need a new oven soon.
4) a grid cover was driven over outside our house and broken – beware if you walk past our house……the drain is about 6ft deep!

Think that is all but when it all happens within a few days you begin to worry that you need to stay in bed and not bother surfacing for a few days.
Is it safe to come out yet?