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the last month has been a really tough one. The charity that I work for has struggled financially for a long while now and we have struggled through the tough times but each month has seen a stretch to pay salaries. As a result, an emergency meeting of the Trustees was called and my role is disappearing in a restructuring of the charity so from end of September I will need to find a new employer.
The decision was made easy as the Trustees heard my recommendations and have followed that advice – but somehow it is much more difficult to live through the experience than I ever anticipated. The trustees have been most supportive and found a way to keep me on payroll for the three months of looking for further work – so far a new role has not emerged but I am not without hope – something will transpire and it will be a good thing. Such a great opportunity – yet a tough place to dwell. Life is full of these paradox.

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  1. thehutch says:

    am open to anything Sarah. My preference would be to stay in the area but recognise that this is not always possible. Main passion is for youth related (mentoring/coaching particular) but would happily drive a bus too!!!

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