In talking to different people we have so many different perceptions of things, particularly things that happened some time ago.  There is a quaint perception of the way “Old England” operated and how wonderful, marvellous it was back in the old days.

Looking back on my own life, there are periods where there were times of great joy and also times of sadness.  All of them have helped mould me in to the person I am today.  The events of this year will do the same.  It is easy to look back with fondness and get bleary eyed over things that were special.  The good news is that as people we have the opportunity to move forward and await the new things that will be the memory makers for the future.  My dream is to look back at this period of my life with the same joy that I can review the last 30 odd years and say…..”They were good days”

One thought on “memories

  1. Obiewahn says:

    I’ve seen a lot of people make themselves sad and depressed trying and failing to recreate a copy of past happiness rather than creating a new (unrelated) happiness in the present. Wise words Hutch.

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