watching your every move

One of the difficulties of living in a “big brother” world with numerous cameras guarding us from the “terrorist” threat is that we start to believe that everyone looking at us, everyone questioning us, everyone who looks different is suspicious.  It provides us with a skewed sense of reality and one that does not help build relationship or community.

It is ok for people to ask questions….yes, really.  they can even ask provocative questions, it does not always come from a negative heart.  Just because someone is watching you does not make them suspicious….they may just be interested.  The man at a childrens play area with a camera may just be a father taking family pictures.

We are fast becoming a nation, a world, with suspicion everywhere….sometimes events, words, questions etc. are just innocent things and part of a normal life.  Yes, we have to be careful but let’s not lose our freedom because we doubt everything around us.