drive by shooting

last night I got shot…..really, honest truthfully. Was crossing a road in High Barnet, arms laden with publicity boards for a presentation, when a car passes, I feel pain in my belly, hear laughter from the passing car and look down to see a small blue ball rolling to the edge of the road.

It took a few moments to take in but thankfully it was not a genuine bullet and just soreness where the pellet hit me. Kind of a bizarre experience…..getting shot at point blank distance and living to tell the tale.

5 thoughts on “drive by shooting

  1. Sarah Brush says:

    I’m trusting you’re ok. And there was me feeling sore over a football to the back of the head over the weekend!

  2. Roy says:

    interesting way to attract youth on those sights, not sure it is for me.

    Sarah, yes doing ok thank you, just taking lots of stick in the office so a sore belly and plenty of mocking. 😉

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