staring down the barrel

staring down the barrel
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….that is sometimes how it feels. Youth ministry is a tough beast, yet it can be one of the most rewarding places to live. The diary has been full these last few weeks and some important work has not been completed due to time constraints. This has led to little space and physically have felt unwell. I have a bad throat again, although not as bad as september last year, and tiredness is overwhelming. This is all exaccerbated by the fact that staff salaries need paying monday and we do not have the monies to pay three staff (myself included). This has been a constant monthly venture of faith for years, but for the first time I feel the pressure and it feels like a heavy heavy burden.
It is a tough season but the flipside is that we are seeing an increase in our schoolswork provision, a new venture working with excluded pupils, a large number of prospective GAP students for september, and so on………these are fun times, yet today, it feels like I am staring down the barrel