21 long years, some tough times but finally we see the celtics back in the nba finals…….against the old enemy LA Lakers. This season they were the best 2 teams, in NBA history they are the best 2 teams, this is a clash of the Titans. It all starts on June 5th and I am pumped pumped pumped………it is a 2-3-2format so the celtics need to start strong and steal in LA……in 3 weeks I hope to be celebrating another banner in the Garden…..WOO HOO!

2 thoughts on “BEAT LA….BEAT LA

  1. Len says:

    LA made it easy to root whole heartedly for the Celtics in the Finals. Grew up going to Spurs games during the ABA days (I was really 5 or 6) so always like them but loved the Bird Era of the Celtics. So Celtics are back with the Big Three and LA beat the Spurs, yep, pulling whole heartedly for The Green!

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