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hard drive error
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The last few weeks have seen my laptop crash spectacularly although due to a fairly good backup system I only lost 2 weeks work and 4 personal photographs. The damage may well have been worse, although losing 2 weeks work was a tad annoying (usually backup weekly but had a weeks holiday in between).
During this time I have been reflecting on 2 years in the current job role and despite the fact that change has felt slow (and sometimes backward) there has been some significant progress in key areas of the charity. This progress has not all been visible but it has been essential to the inner workings and progress of a 10 year old charity. The next steps forward will involve some new projects, one of which is linking with a local educational authority to provide mentoring for excluded pupils. It promises to be exciting and challenging….it also goes hand in hand with some other mentoring/coaching projects with which I am engaged……there are good times ahead.