necessary evils

for the last 6 years I have had the dubious priviledge of attending Trustee meetings with the youth charities that I have worked for. Now don’t get me wrong, in both sets there were some top people who cared and I am friends with, but so often I have found myself coming out of the meetings as if I had been hit with a truck. This morning the truck seemed like a fully loaded 18 wheeler.
It took some refreshment in Starbucks to work out why……..the good news stories were loved and encouraged everyone but when we dealt with the prevailing issues in front of us a mountain of work developed for me personally. It was not that I did not know what needed doing, just that the piles that I had neatly arranged in order to jump the hurdles were re-arranged and dumped in one pile on the table.
This afternoon I have started re-arranging the pile into tidy chunks again and the world seems sweeter……it was also good to chat to an old mentee and we are doing coffee next week, can’t wait to hear some of his stories, am excited already.

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