nearly a year already……..

this new blog is nearly 12 months old and I am enjoying it far more than previous blog. There have been significant differences between this experience and the previous one, some of my own making and some because of changes in the way we use the net;

1) there are far less blogs linking to me (this may have something to do with confidence as my previous url was taken over by a porn site.)
2) people are less likely to visit the blog directly these days as readers and feeds have taken over!
3) Comments are less regular these days – although it maybe that I post rubbish now
4) I no longer want to impress with what I say
5) blogging is still a key tool but social networking sites have taken over dominance

Just some thoughts

3 thoughts on “nearly a year already……..

  1. says:

    Hey Roy have you tried blogrush? you can find a link to it on my blog, it takes a little setting up. I set it up as an experiment to see if it made a difference and it has improved by 15%! The more you share the more you get (could be a biblical principal – but don’t quote me on my theology tho). Cool blog take care. dennis

  2. Roy says:

    thanks len, knew I could count on you. How is the spring training for the sox nation?

    Dennis, thanks, will have a look at that link

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