one of the things that bugs me at youthworker get togethers, whoops, networking events is the one upmanship conversations. It winds me up but the reality is that I am as guilty of falling for the routine of having a better story. This monty python sketch is probably as good an interpretation as anything….a class video

4 thoughts on “networking??

  1. Sarah Brush says:

    When we were thinking over the whole male/female youthworkers issue we picked up that this “antler” activity was more prevalent in (though not exclusive to) male youthworkers. I think my all time favourite moment was two female childless youthworkers witnessing two male (dad) youthworkers determining which of them knew more about breastfeeding!

    Thanks for a reminder of this wonderful sketch!

  2. Roy says:

    roothie…..not sure about that 😉

    Sarah….think you are right, most of the conversations (in fact all!) are between the male species of the youthworker! Now that is something to ponder.

  3. says:

    Im not sure I agree, I tend to see more female workers ‘Showing Off’ more. I am not a lover of youthworker gatherings (coffee drinking skives). I prefer to keep my stories to a minimum and just listen to what others are sharing (bragging) about.

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