3 thoughts on “Question!

  1. Sarah Brush says:

    I had to refer to a dreadful mistake I made in my ministry at an interview a few weeks back. It was an elaborate event that involved all sorts of complicated techinical gear and food to which NO young people came! Even though it was quite a few years ago now, it was still pretty hard to admit how badly it had gone but it DID teach me so much about the importance of substance over style and relationships over events.

    Obviously no-one likes the mistakes at the time but if we’re not aiming high enough that we achieve all our aims with ease, then I think we’re doing it wrong in the long run anyway.

  2. Len says:

    if your enviornment allows and encourages mistakes then it’s a wonderful way to learn and get better. It your environment is not like that, you get fired. That’s why some are afraid of making mistakes, I believe.

  3. Roy says:

    sarah….tough sometimes to admit our mistakes, well done you.

    Len….totally agree with you. Our environment is crucial, just wish in all life’s situations there was more room to allow people to learn from mistakes, where appropriate, rather than crushing people.

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