one of those days…..weeks…..hopefully not year ;-)

well it has been tough so far this year but there again we all face tough times. The charity is doing well on the ground but there feels like a lot of firefighting with big and small issues, plenty of late nights early mornings and so forth. So the diary is full and the to do list is getting bigger very quickly. To cap it all, the room next door to our office flooded this morning…….heavy rain water and also a bit of sewage. I am cold and wet and attempting to get my head round a to completing some of the to do list.
The good news…….this lunchtime I am meeting a couple of friends who will overlook my muddy shoes and trousers, they will cheer me up, challenge my thinking, broaden my horizons and allow me to enter the weekend a cheerier person than I feel right now. Looking forward to it!