time for a rant…….training or free labour?

ok, it has been a while and you knew that it would not last forever but this one has risen its ugly head again and I need to release some steam…….not a new one but a regular potato in the steamer.
The subejct is training…….we all know that we, as youth workers/ministers/pastors want to develop young people and help them grow in their gifts blah, blah blah. Those that are able may develop great courses, use great courses, start GAP programmes etc. and it can get really exciting. But when you do this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember that training will cost you in time, effort, and lots lots more. Good training means that you may need to pick up some pieces once in a while, it may mean some tough conversations and it may even take your work/ministry in a different direction to what you anticipated……but that is the cost of training. DEAL WITH IT! If you have a student placed with you on an external course there will be occasions when they may tied down with deadlines and seem a little preoccupied elsewhere…..does it really matter if your priority is their training and development? They may even ask you tough questions that challenge you and your ministry…….great, embrace it and rise to the challenge. Don’t complain. And here is my biggest gripe on the hobby horse……..if you are committed to training them, STOP complaining that you do not get 60 hours a week free labour out of them…….you will get hours from them, but that should not be the reason for taking a student on…….you take them on for what they will become….your joy is that you are a part of the journey! Period!

rant over!