when a youthworker doubts their faith

So you employ a youthworker in a faith based context and they start to question their faith……what is your response when they speak to you? Do you:
1) Tell them not to worry as we all doubt faith sometimes?
2) Tell them not to worry and tell them you will pray for them?
3) Tell them not to worry and pray with them there and then?
4) Tell them not to worry and secretly call a meeting of the senior leadership team to discuss?
5) Tell them not to worry and call a meeting with them and the leadership team?
6) Tell them not to worry and do nothing else?
7) Tell them not to worry and spend time with them in the days and months ahead?
8) Sack them on the spot?
9) Tell them it is serious and they need to take a leave of absence to work out their life?
10) Tell them it is serious and then follow any of the steps quoted in 1-6 above?
11) am getting bored of the possibiities now….but are there any more suggestions?

6 thoughts on “when a youthworker doubts their faith

  1. Sarah Brush says:

    Pray with them and discuss if there is anythign in particular that has caused the doubts (is there major stress in their post, family etc) AND suggest a retreat or some of that mysterious sabbatical tiem that clergy get but often youthworkers don’t.

  2. R. Terry says:

    How about be honest? Tell them that you occasionally question your faith. Tell them that many great men of the Bible have questioned their faith. (Hello, my name is Peter!) Tell them that questioning faith is part of the process to having truly deep faith. Tell them that they are human.

    But about half of the answers you gave… would make the person doubt their faith even more.

    By the way, if those were the possible answers the youth worker would never talk to you about doubting their faith.

    Out of security and love comes a healthy place to work.

  3. Roy says:

    sarah – sabbatical, do youthworkers ever get that blessing lol. Most ministers think that is why we do weekends away! (tongue firmly in cheek)

    r.terry – believe me, these would not necessarily be my answers but were given to me by a few folk at a round table thing I was involved with when this question was asked…..slightly edited and a couple thrown in to provoke, but some were genuine!!

  4. Sarah Brush says:

    Many of the answers didn’t surprise me, knowing the church and how it works sometimes. I was offered a month’s sabbatical to go and do a placement in a parish somewhere else once (so… like.. still WORK) but it fell through so my boss said I could have a month of retreat and sabbatical BUT in fact I took like two weeks because my job needed DOING.

  5. Roy says:

    thanks Sarah

    still hoping your humour deserts you Simon 😉

    feeling loved today….not had this many comments in a while

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