turnaround almighty

this year….ok the last few weeks have seen the greatest sporting franchise on earth regain some momentum and win 7 games in a row. yes, the Celtics are back with a swagger and have amassed their best start in quarter of a century. OK, it is only 7-0 in terms of games, but when we struggled so badly last year (total 24wins) you can see why there is hope. There is a winning feeling returning to Beantown and although much can happen between now and April, the tide has turned……and just maybe, the Celtics are looking at playing through June……if they get that far, who knows? Maybe the elusive banner that the current generation has been craving. We just trust that the team stay healthy through the season and come playoff time we do not throw away loose games…..somehow that seems far away and it is time to enjoy the ride….the Celtics are back, eat dirt in L.A. Woo Hoo!