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NBA Europe Live October 10, 2007

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NBA Europe Live
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well, it was fantastic!! Yes, preseason, not full intensity, lots of errors blah blah, but this was the greatest sports franchise in professional sports playing in London. The Boston Celtics showing off their new line up…..and I was well enough to go……after 6 months of waiting I had a fabulous evening watching the Green play ball. Garnett will be brilliant for the team, Pierce looks like he will revel in the support but Allen could well be the pick of the three. I am suitably impressed.
Roll on the new season and lets hope they maintain a level of form that sees them compete for at least the Conference title, if not more. We will definitely surpass last years rubbish.
One negative note……the dancers!! After seeing them, they do not sit well with my understanding of the Boston heritage…….very pretty…..but too L.A. for my liking!!!

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