being ill

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Being ill is something I do not do often and currently have been off work for 2 weeks, most of it in bed resting. I went to the doc again today and have another dose of pills and instruction to rest and not go back to work. I do not find it easy and have struggled……….work have been great but personally feel a great deal of guilt and worry about “what others are thinking”. Must get over it!!!

Made me wonder whether people in youthwork roles even know their sickness policy, if they even have one! May do a another post on this when I am better and well rested!

One thought on “being ill

  1. Sarah Brush says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re not well.

    I remember the one time I was off for more than one day was during the time we had no vicar and my line manager was one of the youth team who works in management and he said I needed to fill in a form which “the church should have” but no-one at church knew what the sick leave policy was! I do know I only get a month at full pay if I’m off long term sick as that’s in my contract but it’s another one of these areas where churches don’t always know what they’re doing as they don’t employ many people so these thigns don’t always come up.

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