more communication, less words

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Communication, communication, communication is a mantra that follows us around wherever we are. How often do we hear the phrase (or something like it) “well if they had communicated that to me” or “if they had only told me“…..blah blah blah? On the other foot, the leader believes they have communicated and is thinking “why don’t they listen to me?” or “haven’t they heard what I have been saying for the last x years“. The committee solution is to expand the communication channels and to ask for more communication between the individuals or groups. STOP RIGHT THERE!

Is more communication the utopian solution to seeing organisations/churches and youth work programmes working better? What if the problem is not solved by more communication?

Personally, I do not believe that it is always MORE communication that solves the woes of staff teams in churches, youth ministries and organisations…. sometimes it may be LESS communication done better! The more words we use the more likely that your message may become diluted. There is no need to be verbose…..but a great need to be more succinct. On that note I will shut up!

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