6 strange/weird things

Len tagged me for this a few days back and I have struggled to think, so have come up with a list that hopefully does the job!

1) I have had 2 strange youthwork related injuries – a broken foot by kicking a bowling ball and a broken finger when picking up a sponge ball (long story!!)

2) I can sing the child’s song “How much is that doggie in the window” backwards in less than 5 seconds.

3) When concentrating I stick my tongue out! (Felt bad about this until I saw Michael Jordan do it every time he drove to the basket)

4) When over-tired my snoring breaks the decibel counter – not good for mission trips!

5) I am supposedly English and I do not like to drink tea, will only drink it to be polite.

6) I have a brick which I rescued when they demolished the old Boston Garden and have some dust (in a plastic box) which was swept from under the parquet floor of the old Garden.

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