most like to meet?

who would you most like to meet? A question that I have been asked twice recently and each time I gave a different answer. It was different because of the context. Here are 5 people I would love to meet for just half an hour (ok, so some are not alive, but if they were!):
Youthwork related: Doug Fields, because his books have inspired me and I believe he would sharpen my ministry mind
Church Leader: John Sentamu, because his approach to life and faith inspires me
Leadership Guru:John Maxwell, because he would challenge me
Famous Musician: Freddie Mercury, because he was larger than life
Famous Politician: Margaret Thatcher, because she shaped many a generation and I would love to know what makes her tick
Blogger: Len Evans, because he is a sound guy with heart
Sportsman: Larry Bird, because he worked hard, sacrificed and gave himself for the team

3 thoughts on “most like to meet?

  1. Len says:

    Thanks Roy. I believe we would have a good time together if it ever happens this side of heaven.

  2. Sarah Brush says:

    Youth Work would be Mark Yaconelli (Cos I met Kendra Creasey-dean already!)
    Church Leader – yeah John Sentamu was VERY cool when I met him in Taize. Good choice. Desmond Tutu for me!
    leadership Guru – probably James Lawrence again as he was awesome at Matrix
    Musician – ooh. toughie. Currently Chris Rice but I am changeable
    Politician – Met Margaret thatcher when I was a brownie. Over-rated! Er… Pitt the Younger for me I think!
    Blogger ooh gosh that’s a tough one. Kathryn C cos she’s my mate and she’s the best – how pathetic eh?
    Sportsman – er… pass!

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